Gather as community

Grow in Christ

Go on mission everyday life

We believe there are key ESSENTIALS in the New Testament that the church must have in order to live out the vision.


Love is the core of church life and Christian faith.  God loves us and we respond by loving Him and others.


We engage in Jesus’ ongoing mission to make disciples and restore what is broken in the world.


We enjoy loving, authentic, honest, biblical friendship with one another.


The goal of the church is not simply to bring people to Christ, but to form them into disciple-making disciples. 

CORE VALUES influence our interactions with one another and shape the strategies we employ to fulfill our mission.


God’s work in saving people from sin through the cross and resurrection of Jesus is central to who we are.

Spirit and Word

We rely on God to transform, empower, speak to and guide us by His Spirit through his Word.


Prayer is crucial and necessary in the church.  It lines us up with God's will and leans us into God's power.