Living hope GROUPS

LH Groups encompass our 3 fold way of ministry at Living Hope Church - Gather.Grow.Go. These are smaller groups who gather in community, grow in Christ, and go on mission in every day life.

These groups empower us to produce a simple, reproducible, effective strategy for developing leaders, maturing/equipping believers, and engaging unbelievers simultaneously. Therefore our desire is to see everyone who considers Living Hope their home church plugged into a LH Group. 

Living Hope Groups are not just...

Small Groups, though they will primarily be small

Connection Communities, though real life connection and family atmosphere will be a result

Bible Studies, though the Word of God will be engaged

Home Groups, though many groups will gather in a home

Recovery Groups, though restoration and healing will occur

Serving Groups, though serving and blessing will be a key component of the community group

If you'd like more info about our groups, or if your interested in joining one please contact our Discipleship Pastor - Pastor Pat