Living Hope Church

Advent Devotional 2018


Merry Christmas! This year during our Advent season, and as we continue to go deeper into God’s presence, He has laid it on my heart to put together an Advent Devotional that we can read together as a church family.  Rather than trying to find a outsourced devotional, I wanted to create one “in house” here at LHC.  Therefore, I have asked a handful from our church family to write a devotion to share.  Some folks were so excited that they ended up writing more than one!


This advent season take time to listen to the hearts from many here at Living Hope.  There is a devotional for every day (expect Sundays) of Advent, which starts on Dec. 2nd.  On Sunday’s we ask that you would just take some time to reflect over the Advent theme of that day and pray over the message that was preached at our worship



May God speak to your heart greatly as you dig deeper into His presence through our Living Hope Advent Deeper Devotional.


- Pastor Eric Cox